small lumps in my bed

i touch you, and you softly look
back up at me from where your
head lays.

“are you ready? are you scared?”

i reach down to your soft little lumps, finger tips
touching your soft little lumps

“yes, i’m always scared to tell you
how much i used to love you.”

collar bone

just a glimpse, a moment i caught
hastily, and very greedily

your fucking collar bone
poking out behind your shirt

the way your neck connects
the way you skin hints
the way you smile without showing
a smile

passing by this little moment
locked forever in a locket
to remember it
tomorrow when i need to remember it

after i die
after you die
after we are dinosaurs together
in the land before time

the image of that fucking collar bone
resting softly on me
testing me

but this time i passed.


it used to be the robin’s call
that brought anxiety
and shame
of a night not yet ended.

but now, that same sweet song
early in the morning,
brings excitement of a day
not yet explored.

© 2021 all content, DenMother, Canada.

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