Artist Information

Label: Self released; I Had An Accident Records (2011 - 2014)

Genre: Electronic, vocal, unknown

Hometown: Fredericton, NB

Influences: Machines, time loops, sun + moon, pain, beauty, ugliness, regret, complete joy


DenMother is the solo music project of Canadian introvert Sabarah Pilon.  Originally from Ontario, she began experimenting with "electronic" "music" in her tiny bedroom while living in Antigonish NS in 2010. 

After moving back to Toronto, DenMother was conceived in 2011. Never quite belonging to the busy city, a much needed hiatus and life shift has led Pilon to Fredericton NB, where she continues to slowly redefine herself and DenMother, always struggling to find that fine balance between creative solitude and crippling isolation. 

Her most recent album Past Life, released in 2018 through Patient Records, is the collection (scrapbook) of nearly a decade of experiences and experiments, with each song dedicated to a specific person.


DenMother has performed at Quality Block Party, Fest Forward, Shivering Songs, Flourish Festival and has participated in the UNB Art Centre Flow Series. She is slated to perform again at Quality Block Party in St. John in August 2019.

Latest Releases
DenMother - Nicole

Released: June 23, 2019


Self released

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Past Press
DenMother - Past Life

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Released: December 1, 2018

Digital + CD

Patient Records

Building upon nearly a decade's worth of experiments, recording, and life experiences born of her displacement between Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, DenMother continues to evolve and and explore new textures and processes to communicate the primal human events that inspire the songs. 
Nature. Human Nature. Machines. They all come together here. 

DenMother Pat Life

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