Label: Self released; I Had An Accident Records (2011 - 2014)

Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Avant-Pop, Industrial-inspired Doom-Folk

Location: New Brunswick, Canada




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DenMother is the solo electronic music project of Canadian singer-songwriter Sabarah Pilon.

Incorporating lush, atmospheric vocal elements over layers of texture, drum and synth, DenMother’s sound can be described as the ethereal converging with the feral. 

Pilon began experimenting with electronic music production in her bedroom in 2009, initially self-releasing music under the moniker ‘Orphan’. Between 2010 - 2014, she released 5 cassettes with then Maryland-based indie label, I Had An Accident Records, during which time DenMother was born.

2016 saw the self-release of “Blood: a memoir”, an autobiographical work documenting the descent into chaos before welcoming sobriety, following it up with “Now It All Comes” (2018) which documents the lows after the initial highs of sober life.

2018 saw two more digital releases, “Victoria” which was inspired by the Spiritualism movement of the late 1800’s, and “Past Life”, released through Patient Records, an independent label in Fredericton, NB.

Pilon’s releases, “Nicole”, “Love Portion” (both 2019) and “Then Now Forever” (2020/2021), continue to showcase her ability to experiment within sub-genres under the electronic umbrella, resulting in a cohesive and ever evolving discography.


Her latest release, "Frantic Ram" (2021), is a concept album loosely framed around Dante's Inferno, and it explores the trenches of emotion that tunnel deep within the psyche during times of chaos, confinement and regeneration and explores darker and more industrial-inspired musical elements.

DenMother has performed beside talented musicians like Beverly-Glenn Copeland (Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton NB) and Julie Doiron (Imperial Theatre, Saint John NB), and has also performed at various festivals including PopMontreal (Montreal, QC), Shivering Songs (Fredericton, NB), Flourish Festival (Fredericton, NB) and Quality Block Party (Saint John, NB).

Pilon continues to self-produce and release a steady stream of music, with a number of her tracks being used in film and other productions. She has ambitions to venture more deeply into music production for other artists, while continuing to record and self-release her work.



October 28, 2021

2022 ECMA Nominee - Electronic Recording of the Year

2022 MusicNB Prix MNB Awards Nominee - Recording/Song of the Year

Over nine tracks that weave experimental electronic avant-pop elements with industrial-inspired doom folk, electronic artist DenMother’s new concept album, ‘Frantic Ram’, explores the trenches of emotion that tunnel deep within the psyche during times of chaos, confinement and regeneration. 

Conceived and written during the darkness of global quarantine, ‘Frantic Ram’ embarks on a journey loosely inspired by Dante’s Inferno, mythology, occult symbology and Jungian archetypes. As a listening experience, it lends itself to a somewhat chronological story of one soul’s journey through the depths of the internal realms dealing with loss, grief, fear, anger, shame and ultimately the acceptance of one’s fate.

Pilon was given the opportunity to fully immerse herself in the song-writing process for this project, which allowed her to explore different composition styles and production techniques. “I really just dove in and completely submerged myself in meditations, ceremony, readings, research and writing,” Pilon states. “It did actually become a bit of an issue at one point, because I hadn’t prepared thoroughly enough and allowed myself to submit to some of these dark energies while I was in an already weakened state.”

‘Frantic Ram’ is a journey with a beginning, middle and end that DenMother invites the listener to walk alongside her to experience all that she is experiencing.

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