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past life (2018)

This is a scrapbook - each song is a person/place/thing from the last 10 years. xox

Previously released through Patient Records in Fredericton NB:

"We're happy to bring you new and collected work by DenMother. Since moving to Fredericton Sabarah Pilon has established herself as a strong presence in the region's surprisingly vibrant electronic music community. Building upon nearly a decade's worth of experiments, recording, and life experiences born of her displacement between Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, DenMother continues to evolve and and explore new textures and processes to communicate the primal human events that inspire the songs.
Nature. Human Nature. Machines. They all come together here."

released December 1, 2018

Cover photo: Angela Lewis
Thank you: to each of you in each of these songs

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